Qualitas Insurance Company (QIC) is a company specialized in auto insurance. Formed in 2014, QIC began operations offering the Cross-Border Program for commercial vehicles entering the United States from Mexico, before expanding its business lines to include domestic commercial auto and personal auto.

QIC’s rapid growth is grounded primarily on the success of its business model, which places an emphasis on forming and maintaining relationships based on mutual trust with the company’s insureds, producers, suppliers and employees, seeking to align the interests of all participants. QIC has also benefited from having a unique position in the auto insurance industry, as it is one of the few companies specialized solely in auto insurance lines. This specialization has been key in developing the expertise which has propelled QIC to the forefront of the auto insurance market.

QIC’s parent company, Quálitas Compañía de Seguros, S.A. de C.V., is a Mexico-based insurance company founded in 1993 specializing in auto insurance. Quálitas is the Latin word for Quality, which is not only the company’s commercial name but the driving force within the organization, through which the company has risen to become the leading auto insurance carrier in Mexico.









Lo que nos importa

Our mission
Nuestra misión

En Qualitas nos esforzamos por proteger los activos de nuestros clientes y minimizar su riesgo al proporcionar productos de seguros especializados diseñados para satisfacer y superar las necesidades y expectativas de nuestros asegurados.

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Nuestra visión

Como nuestro nombre lo indica, la visión de Qualitas Insurance Company es cumplir y superar las expectativas de nuestros clientes al ofrecer un servicio basado en nuestro principio rector de calidad. Creemos que ofrecer un servicio de Qualitas significa incorporar nuestros valores corporativos en nuestro trabajo y relaciones cotidianas.

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Nuestra identidad

Estamos comprometidos a brindar un excelente servicio a precios competitivos.